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What is Antique Storage?

Whether you have more sentimental Antiques passed down from generation, or make a living off trading them – we can help.

We at Antique Storage specialise in perfecting bespoke storage solutions for antiques.

We’ll guide you along the way, to understand the value of your goods – the ideal geography in which you would like them to be retained, the logistics of packaging them (safely & securely) and having them couriered to the selected location and finally – handing over the keys!

Large Scale Antique Storage Available

"I recently inherited a substantial amount of Antiques and knew I had to store them. I had no idea of the complexity of not only getting them to a storage unit securely, but, the specifics around how they're stored. I am so glad I contacted - they preserved the value of my antiques by ensuring they were professionally & securely stored."
Jeremy Smith
Oct 2020

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